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Click Away 2014

Not quite a month ago, I was so blessed to be able to go to my first ever photography conference!!  Clickin Moms is my favorite online photography community and they were putting on this amazing conference.  It was called Click Away and this was it’s inaugural run!

I actually won a ticket!  I wasn’t originally planning on going because we didn’t think we could afford it.  When I won the ticket, I took it as a sign that I had to go!  So we scrounged up the money and made it work.  And man, am I glad I went!!  I learned SO much, and met so many amazing women!  I stepped outside of my comfort zone (I’m actually a pretty shy person) and had a lot of fun!  So without further ado, here are a whole lot of images from my time in Salt Lake City at Click Away 2014 !

This is the convention center where most of the programming took place.

Click Away 2014 Click Away 2014

The keynote speakers were AMAZING! On the first day we listened to Elizabeth Gilbert. She talked to us about Creativity and the fear that you feel when you are putting yourself out there as an artist. One of her ideas that I liked was to follow your Curiosity rather than your Passion (because sometimes that word passion can feel so intimidating!). She was funny and inspiring!  And on the second day, Joy Prouty spoke to us about the importance of having and following big dreams,  no matter how different they are from what you think you should be doing. She was so sweet and inspirational and I found myself crying many times throughout her speech.

Click Away 2014

Here is my image that was chosen for the 2014 VOICE Collection, a digital print competition.  I was so excited to see my image up there with the artwork of so many people that I am inspired by day in and day out!!  During the cocktail reception, they had the images displayed in a big slideshow up on the wall and that’s where I got to meet Lisa Tichane for the first time!  She was my instructor in Capturing Joy, the course that I took earlier in the year and the reason that I created that image of Emily blowing bubbles in her milk.  She was so sweet and the next day she met with some of her alumni in the Hub and I got my picture with her next to my image! I was so incredibly happy to meet her and thank her for her amazing class.

Click Away 2014

One of the great things about Click Away was the photo walks and excursions.  We actually got to go out in the city to take pictures and learn from Clickin Moms photography Pros!  I don’t think any other photography conference does anything like this.  I went on a photo walk with Melissa Gibson who is known for taking beautiful pictures of her kids’ toys, making them appear real.  This walk was so fun!

Click Away 2014 Click Away 2014 Click Away 2014 Click Away 2014

Another one of the great things about Click Away was meeting people that you’ve only known online or maybe didn’t even know at all!  I met some really cool and sweet women on this trip and we had a lot of fun!

Click Away 2014

On the last day of Click Away, we went on field trips! My excursion was to Silver Lake and it was gorgeous! I haven’t photographed nature in a long time so this was fun for me.  Although I realized that my 50mm doesn’t cut it for capturing expansive vistas! Time to start saving for a new lens!  I’m debating between the 24-70mm 2.8 and the 35mm 1.4. What do you think?

Click Away 2014 Click Away 2014 Click Away 2014 Click Away 2014 Click Away 2014 Click Away 2014

And on our last night, Clickin Moms treated us to a concert at the Red Butte Gardens. We drank and chilled out listening to Westward the Tide. It was a nice way to end the conference!

Click Away 2014

Although my time there was completely exhausting, it was totally worth it!  I learned SO much (things that I’ll be putting into practice for a long time to come!) and had so many wonderful experiences!!

  • Becky Collins - What a wonderful recap, Terri. Your photos are spectacular, and we are so glad you made this trip. What a treat to see your pic of “Emily and the Milk” both on the easel and the big screen! Happy First Anniversary from two of your biggest fans.

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  • Becky Collins - P.S. How did you EVER get Dash to dash like that???ReplyCancel