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Letters to Our Children – February

Some friends and I are writing letters to our children in a monthly blog circle! After you read mine, click here to check out my friend Tiffany’s letter next. If you click through each letter (all of which are full of parenting awesomeness and amazing photography), you’ll eventually find yourself right back here!

dear emily,

Happy 6th Birthday!!!

Six years ago you came into this world and made me a mother. And the past 6 years have been some of the most happy and challenging of my life! You continue to grow in height, talent, confidence, thoughtfulness, and love – and daddy and I couldn’t be more proud of you!

You’ve had a fun month.  For the most part, the weather has been nice enough for you to be outside quite a bit. We even had a major blizzard which you were completely thrilled about! I had a fun time building a snowman with you, although I think I need to invest in some waterproof pants if I’m going to continue playing outside in the snow with you guys 😉

Earlier in the month, you woke up one Saturday morning, saw an empty water jug in the recycling, and decided that you were going to use it to collect money for the children at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. You created a sign, got bundled up, and walked next door to the thrift shop to sit there and collect money from all the people entering and leaving. You collected quite a bit too! Next month, Daddy and I are going to take you to the hospital so that you can see the place and the children that your kind heart is helping.

Our house search continues and you continue to be patient and hopeful. It won’t be long now before we find our new home and begin a new adventure! I look forward to seeing where life takes us!

Em, my heart overflows with love for you! I hope the next year of your life is as wonderful and beautiful as you are!

Love always,

Some fun tidbits:

  • you like to speak in “baby talk” which drives me crazy
  • you’re super excited to have your first “friends birthday party” next week at Busy Bees Pottery Studio
  • you insist on giving me butterfly, eskimo, and regular kisses each night before bed
  • you told us recently that you were “finally in love” with a boy at school
  • your favorite toys this past month have been all the Paw Patrol toys and Inside Out toys
  • you like chocolate better than vanilla (hence the chocolate cake with chocolate icing for your party)
  • your choice of restaurant for your actual birthday was Ruby’s Diner (where you had a chocolate chocolate chip milkshake)
  • you plan to be a scientist when you grow up

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  • Holli - That is so sweet that she wanted to collect money for the Children’s Hospital! Also, I love the snowman pictures. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - Gorgeous photos as always! And such a sweet kiddo you have.ReplyCancel

  • Jackie - You are so talented and I love how your photos tell a story. You have a beautiful familyReplyCancel

  • Brianna - I love these documentary photos! Your color edits are just beautiful. I can’t stop laughing about your daughter being “finally in love”. That is absolutely adorable.ReplyCancel