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Letters to Our Children – February

Some friends and I are writing letters to our children in a monthly blog circle! After you read mine, click here to check out my friend Jennifer’s letter next. If you click through each letter, you’ll eventually find yourself right back here!

dear wesley,

Or should I say Dear “Jake”? Or is it “Bad Guy” today? Or any other of the plethora of characters and animals that you act out these days?  Your imagination has officially taken off! No longer are you just plain Wesley. You wake up every day ready to have another adventure in your wonderful little dream world. It’s so much fun to watch you and play with you!  Most of your fantasy play is based on good guys and bad guys, and you act out both parts interchangeably.  You also have a tendency to turn anything and everything into a pretend weapon – toy hair dryers, Frisbees, rulers, even clothing! We recently went to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia and you had such a blast! Last year you weren’t quite able to do everything. But this year, you had the time of your life! You got to be a cashier at a grocery store, plant carrots in a garden, drive a dump truck and an ambulance, deliver mail, shoot rockets, walk in the clouds, and play with boats in the water. It was the perfect day for your creative and imaginative little self!

Your “typical toddler behaviors” have reached new heights.  Let’s just say you’re well acquainted with the time-out step. The worst of these behaviors has to be the hitting. It drives me absolutely nuts when you hit me or anyone else out of anger. And no matter how many times we put you in time-out or talk to you afterwards about how hitting hurts and that it isn’t nice, it doesn’t seem to sink in with you when you’re in the midst of a meltdown. I know this is one of those age-appropriate behaviors, but it’s a hard one for a parent to deal with. It’ especially hard because you love to play superheroes and bad-guys. It must be hard for you to understand the difference between when it’s ok to “hit” when pretending, playing, or wrestling, and that it’s not ok to hit when you’re angry.

We are still working on potty training. You have very little interest at this point. I think you’re starting to understand the concept better, but you just don’t want to go sit down when it’s time. It’s not inconvenient enough for you to be wearing diapers at this point. I think when the weather gets a little nicer we’re going to just start going without diapers and see how you do. It might get messy, but so be it! We want you potty trained by the time school starts for you in September (yay!).

Recently, you’ve started saying, “Mommy? I love you” in the most adorable way imagineable! You know just how to melt my heart! You have no idea how much that makes my day!  I have to get you on video saying this because I want to remember it always!

Hey, Wesley? I love you too!

Love always,

young boy shoveling snow with a rake little boywith rosy cheeks after playing in the snow bedtime rituals with a 2-year-old boy young boy playing at the please touch museum in philadelphia playing in  outerspace at the please touch museum philadelphia 2 year old fueling up at the please touch museum Two-year-old boy pretending to steer ship Phialdelphia Please Touch Museum planting carrots at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia young boy riding a carousel close up of wesley riding the carousel
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  • Michelle - The photos are so wonderful! My son loves wrestling and fighting too. Our rule is that he can only fight his daddy. lolReplyCancel