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Letters to Our Children – December 2015

Some friends and I are writing letters to our children in a monthly blog circle! After you read mine, click here to check out my friend Michelle’s letter next. If you click through each letter (all of which are full of parenting awesomeness and amazing photography), you’ll eventually find yourself right back here!

dear wesley,

Well, I think most of my fears regarding you and school were unfounded. You’ve been doing so well these last few months! You’ve really settled in nicely and seem to be getting along really well with your new friends and teachers. There are times when you and your cousin Asher need to be separated (because you’d rather be playing superheroes than anything else) but overall, I’m so proud of you!

You’re becoming more and more independent and you’re so proud of all your accomplishments. These days we’ve been working on dressing yourself – always a challenge for a little guy. You’ve got the socks and shoes pretty perfect, and most days the pants are easy for you, but the tops still give you some trouble – especially getting out of them.  You’ve also shown me that you have a great amount of patience. Hanging out at Emily’s soccer games are never boring for you. You keep yourself occupied with that magnificent imagination of yours!

Christmas is coming and you are very excited. You’re sure that Santa is going to bring you presents (even when Emily insists that if you’re bad, you won’t get any).  You and Emily are thrilled that our elf, Karen, came the day after Thanksgiving. You love waking up and running to find her. Right now, the promise that Karen is telling Santa all about your behavior is not enough to keep you out of trouble – maybe next year 😉

I was just thinking today that what amazes me about you the most right now is how sure you are of yourself. I’d say 95% of the time you are unbelievably confident. It just oozes out of you!  I don’t think I have that kind of confidence now, let alone when I was a little kid! Sometimes your confidence is misplaced – like when you insist that a 3 is a B and refuse to believe otherwise! But other times it makes me smile. Like when I see you being a complete goofball and it doesn’t faze you in the least if people are looking at you strangely or laughing. You just laugh at yourself!  At those times, I imagine you as a teenager, refusing to give up on something you love even if it’s not “cool”, or sticking up for those who can’t do it themselves, and that makes me so happy! <3

I hope that you will always be perfectly confident in who you are, because I’m perfectly confident that who you are – is perfect!

Love always,

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