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Letters to Our Children – September 2015

Some friends and I are writing letters to our children in a monthly blog circle! After you read mine, click here to check out my friend Michelle’s letter next. If you click through each letter, you’ll eventually find yourself right back here!

dear emily,

How is it that you are already starting Kindergarten? It’s going too fast. I feel like every moment of time sees you taking another step away from me. I know that’s the end goal, what lies in the future – and of course, that’s what I want for you. I want you to grow up to be a fantastic human being living an amazing life. And I think you’re off to a pretty darn good start. I just wish it would go a little slower. 😉

I wrote about your first day of school here.

And speaking of fantastic, I’m so impressed with how you helped your brother on his first day of school. We’re pretty lucky that you and Wesley not only go to the same school, but are in the same classroom this year! Sadly, this will be the only time that this will happen. But back to Wesley’s first day… I probably would have been a little jealous that my Kindergarten limelight was being stolen, but not you. You totally took Wesley under your wing. It made me so incredibly happy to see your generous, kind, and helping heart truly shine out. I know you don’t always get along and more and more these days the two of you argue and are at odds, but when it counted, you were there for him! I am so proud of you!

Another first for you this month, you started playing soccer on a real team! We’re now team members of the Rose Tree Soccer Club! You were so excited to play on a real team, playing real games (although you were nervous that you would touch the ball with your hands – no need for worry there – you did great on that count). Your first game was a blast. You ran up and down that field, cheered on your teammates, and even scored a goal! And your team, U Conn (or the white team), won! Pretty awesome for a first game!

Just this weekend though, your team lost, and you had to learn how that feels. At one point, you came off the field in tears, upset that the other team kept scoring and your team did not. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but one that Daddy and I know you have to learn. After a little Mom and Dad pep talk you dried your tears, went back out on the field, and played your little heart out. And let me tell you, you are turning into an amazing defender. The other team may have won, but you kept them from scoring a lot of goals! And in the end, you had fun! I’m proud of you for not giving up and still giving it your all.

I love you so much!

Love always,

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